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Silk Scarves

When To Use a Square Silk Scarf

By February 10, 2022No Comments

Like me, you might be asking yourself what a square silk scarf is? How is it any different from a regular scarf, and why would anyone want to make a scarf square? Aren’t they normally thin, long and woolly? Don’t mum’s usually wrap them around their children’s necks as many times as possible during the winter season? Why would you wear a scarf in summer? And are scarfs more than just practical? Let me answer some of those questions. A square silk scarf is often used the same way as a regular scarf, but the difference is in the size, fabric and shape. The material is typically light silk, suitable for summer weather. It’s cut into a perfect square which might be why they are often confused with tablecloths. The other difference between a square silk scarf and a regular scarf is personal choice. It’s a different look and style from a traditional scarf, and that different look might be your thing. Square silk scarves are typically not worn in winter weather as they don’t protect you from the wind or the snow. They are often more of a stylistic choice than a practical item. They add a splash of colour to your outfit, another stylistic layer, or you can even turn it into a piece of clothing. But some practical reasons might include protecting your shoulders, neck or head from the harsh sun or hiding that cheeky hickey on your neck from last night.

How do you wear a square silk scarf?

You have many options when tying a square silk scarf around your neck. The most classic square silk scarf look is the triangle at the front of the neck with a small knot at the back. Or it can be worn the other way around with the knot hanging over your chest. If you want to dress like the lads, you can always wrap the scarf around your neck several times then finish it off with a small knot at the front, which will look like a tie. They can even be tied around the waist as a belt when your regular brown leather belt just isn’t doing it for you. On the other hand, if you’re going for a casual look that says, ‘I just threw this on, and I don’t care.’ Then try throwing the square silk scarf around your neck and let it hang loosey-goosey.

How do you style a silk scarf?

Don’t worry about how to style a square silk scarf; the square silk scarf will style you. It can make a plain outfit look chic and sophisticated. No matter your age or preference of style. If you don’t like the look or feel of a scarf, try changing it up. The square silk scarf can be used in countless ways, tied around the head to protect your hair from the wind or head from the sun. As a headband, a bandanna or around your wrist as a bracelet. They can be worn as halter tops on a hot day or at a festival. Men can also use a square silk scarf in all the listed ways above. Still, they can also use them as pocket squares or add colour and an edginess of style to your plain black suit for a special occasion.

How do you wear a square silk scarf as a top?

Square silk scarfs have become very popularly worn as tops, especially by young women when the sun is at her hottest. There are several ways you can tie a square silk scarf to make it into a top. The most classic style is the downward triangle. Fold the scarf into a triangle, have the point of the triangle facing down your stomach, then tie the two ends behind your back. If you love a good boob tube, this is a speedy and easy top to make, and it looks exquisite. Do the same thing, but the other way around for a beach-ready bra look. Tuck the triangle in on your back, and tie the knot in the middle of your chest. This look is a bikini on the go, great for hot days or if you want a good tan. This look can also be done the other way around. Tie a knot in the middle of your scarf. Place the knot in the centre of your chest, and tie the two ends around her back. This way, there is a single knot in the middle of your chest instead of the loose ends. You can tie two ends around your neck for a haltered crop top and then the other two around your waist. This look makes for a loose flowing halter top that leaves your back beautifully exposed. For another halter top look, fold your scarf into a triangle. Wrap it around your back, then crisscross both ends across the front of your chest. Tie both ends behind the back of your neck. This haltered look is very flattering for your chest, outlining the breasts and exposing your back. You might want to try a side triangle with a single shoulder strap for a different, more edgy look. For this look, make your square into a triangle. But instead of having the point of the triangle down your chest, place it down your side. Then join the two ends under your armpit. Cross the two ends under your arm, then tie them together on top of your shoulder. This boob tube will give you a single shoulder strap for extra support and a little exposure up the side of the body. But be careful, with all these looks, make sure to tie the square silk scarf tightly and knot everything twice. We don’t want a wardrobe malfunction when the wind blows the wrong way or the sister popping out to say hello at the wrong time of day.


Square silk scarfs always catch the eye, and they add a sense of style to one’s overall look. But they can be practical items as well. It’s an item everyone should have in their wardrobe because you never know, one day you might need one to save you from a clothes drama or a stained shirt.