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Scrunchies To Wear At Any Social Gathering

By October 23, 2021October 31st, 2021No Comments

Scrunchies to wear at any social gathering

We all know by now that scrunchies are having a renaissance within the fashion industry and it’s well deserved, with their versatility and healthy hair benefits, why wouldn’t you want to wear them to every social gathering on your calendar? With so many different styles to choose from there really is no reason why scrunchies shouldn’t be your go to hair accessory when you get invited to a house party, on a date, or even a wedding and we want to share some of our favorites with you!

I can’t stop wearing scrunchies:

My personal hair scrunchie journey started with a single small green scrunchie that was a compulsory part of the school uniform, they had the right idea! It of course coordinated with the rest of the uniform, (with the green and black tartan skirt to be exact) and was truly a highlight of my school years.

I loved this scrunchie so much that I would wear it outside of school hours because I found that it was not only a great pop of color to any outfit but this invention was far more comfortable to wear with my thick, straight hair than regular hair ties that would pull at my scalp.

I wore this green scrunchie every day for a year straight until my family had to replace it with a new one because it fell apart with how much I loved it.

They eventually had to put a ban on me wearing the green scrunchie outside school hours because it became too expensive to replace, especially when it was only meant to be an insignificant part of my school uniform. They could have never predicted that scrunchies would become a collection and love of mine.

That’s why we think you definitely need our “Knitting V Scrunchie set” to help start your own collection!  We have 4 sets of 2 to choose from in a wide range of colors.

We adore this burnt orange and forest green color combination!

Or if you want to play around with patterns check out our polka dot and striped “Double Red Scrunchie set”

One of our all-time favorites here at “Nailing this” is our “Piece Satin Scrunchie Set”

We are in love! Take a look for yourself:

Perfect for any fancy occasion in this elegant soft color palette. Satin scrunchies are also a great option to help keep your hair healthy and shiny as satin is gentle on your hair unlike rubber elastics that rip and pull.

I can’t stop buying scrunchies:

I had a rotation of at least 7 scrunchies at any one time. I was proud of my collection because I would save up my own money to get the next one that captured my heart. I had plaid ones, scrunchies of all the colours of the rainbow, scrunchies with beads and charms on them that would make noise when I walked. The highlight of my mornings was deciding which one to wear and matching it to my outfit.

That’s why we are not surprised that scrunchies are making a comeback (although they were always on trend for me personally). Scrunchies are versatile, great for your hair, like our satin scrunchies, but they are also very cute and can be the final touch you are missing to your outfit.

Nowadays we know there are a mountain of different styles to choose from when you go into any clothing/accessory store, particularly with the ever popular 90’s style growing day by day. We understand that it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. But don’t worry we have some of our current favourites listed below that might help make the decision a bit easier.

Oversized Scrunchies:

We all know that oversized clothing is everyone’s go to right now, with oversized t-shirts, hoodies and jeans in style, so why not add oversized scrunchies to your wardrobe too?

Oversized scrunchies are perfect for my fellow thick hair girls! With oversized scrunchies you don’t have to use several hair ties for your ponytail to stay in place, causing headaches and breakage.

Oversized scrunchies are the perfect way to add some flare to buns, for a beautiful, decorative touch over the top for a brunch date with friends or dressed up with a sleek outfit for a job interview.

Velvet Scrunchies:

Who doesn’t love a bit of velvet in their lives? We are definitely crushing on velvet scrunchies!

We know that this option could seem old-fashioned-synonymous with the 80’s or not wearable on a daily basis but these scrunchies can add such elegance and texture with the luxurious velvet fabric. These scrunchies would look beautiful when paired with a flowy summer dress or even dressed up for a wedding guest in a half up half down style.

We think velvet scrunchies would look amazing as a statement piece when paired with a classic 90’s hairstyle to keep with the trends or just to add texture and a pop of colour when tied at the end of a french braid.

And of course, velvet scrunchies are the perfect choice when it comes to hair health! Like our own satin scrunchie set, with the delicate and soft fabric of the velvet, you really can’t go wrong.

Bunny Ear Scrunchies:

This option will elevate your scrunchie game to a whole new level. These scrunchies are designed for the type of person who likes to add a fun flare to their outfit and to their day and we are bouncing like bunnies about it!

Also commonly referred to as knot scrunchies, we think bunny ear scrunchies are superior in cuteness while adding a polished finish to any look.

Bunny ear scrunchies come in a wide range of colors and fabrics so if you still can’t decide between a velvet scrunchie, an oversized scrunchie or a bunny ear scrunchie. Why not get all three? Be bold with your fashion and make a statement.

So mix it up and wear a scrunchie at your next social gathering. Clothing is a form of expression and that includes scrunchies so why not wear what makes you feel good and don’t worry what other people may think!