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Silk Scarves

How To Tie A Square Silk Scarf Around Your Neck

By October 19, 2021May 22nd, 2022No Comments

As you probably know by now, everyone is jumping on the silk scarf trend. A square silk scarf is such an incredibly versatile fashion accessory and there are countless ways to wear one with absolutely any outfit for example; In your hair, around your neck or on your handbag.

There are so many different sizes and patterns available to match with any style or theme you’re going for. Small silk scarves can be worn through any season of the year on your body, handbag, shoes or head. The possibilities are endless.

We have been seeing so many women worldwide, getting involved with this trend and we can’t wait to see how it evolves!

The V-Neck Back

This may be the easiest way to fold and tie your scarf. It works really well to add detail to a plain outfit like a v neck or a white shirt and blazer. It’s a great accessory for work or coffee dates and can dress you up to look very sophisticated! We see so many chickies rocking this look at the Auckland Viaduct! To achieve this look, grab your silk scarf and follow the steps below:

  • Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle
  • Tie into a small knot at the back of your neck with the V placed on your chest
  • Refine how it falls until you’re happy with how it looks!

The French Side

This tie is the most popular neckerchief way of wearing a small silk scarf we are seeing lately around Auckland CBD. It’s such a cute look for any outfit and is very simple to do while making it look like you’ve done a lot of work. You can wear your scarf this way with a casual or dressy outfit, it’s up to you! We love how the pointy ends of the fabric flare out with this method. Follow the steps below:

  • Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle
  • Fold the triangle down toward the flat side and roll up until you’ve got your desired width
  • Double knot it comfortably tight to your neck on the side
  • Fluff the points to how you want them!

The V-Neck Front

This way of wearing your scarf is almost the same as the V-Neck Back Tie except it’s tied at the front. This gives your look just a touch more zest as it’s a little more intricate than the other ways! We love this look worn with any dress or top with an open chest design. Follow the steps below:

  • Fold your square scarf into a triangle once again
  • Place the triangle at your chest and wrap the points around the back of your neck meeting at the front again
  • Tie a very small knot and adjust to your liking!

The Choker

The choker tie is a very modern and simplistic way of styling your silk scarf. We love seeing the looks created with this sort of tie! This looks fab with an elegant outfit and can add colour to a monochrome fit. You can even change the thickness and the length of the tie depending on the size you’re most comfortable with. Follow the steps below:

  • Fold your scarf into a triangle
  • Roll down the pointy end to the flat edge until you have your desired thickness
  • Wrap around your neck once or twice and meet both pointy ends at the back (or front!)
  • Tie and tidy up for a modern look!

The Girl Scout 

This style is perfect for when you’re wearing that low cut top or even looks fab with a high neck jersey! We love this way of tying the scarf as it’s so playful and feminine. The Girl Scout Tie reminds us of, yes you guessed it, Girl Scouts, but also sailors! We love a nautical vibe. Perfect for that summer road trip around the Coromandel! Follow the steps below:

  • Lay your scarf flat and start to roll one point to the opposite point. You can also alternatively start from a triangle and fold the pointy edge to the flat edge.
  • Wrap your scarf around your neck and meet both points at the front of your chest
  • Before tying, leave a little room for a loose fit knot and tie below the collar bones
  • Adjust and you’re ready to go!

So there you have it, those are just some of our top 5 favourite ways to tie a square silk scarf around your neck. Stay tuned for more blog posts on how to tie your scarf other ways. Check out our range of accessories on our online store and browse our square silk scarves. We have many different patterns and colours to choose from and something for everyone and any occasion!