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Silk Scarves

7 Silk Scarves Worth Buying For A Face Mask

By October 18, 2021October 20th, 2021No Comments

Face masks take up a fair amount of real estate on your face, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people are looking for aesthetically pleasing ones! Face coverings are fast becoming a visual symbol of our times, but as Dr Roberts R. Redfield, the director of the CDC (Centres for Disease Control in the U.S) stated in a report released in July, “Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus”. Big brands in the fashion world like Vogue, recommend leaving the surgical masks for the healthcare professionals and essential workers. The best masks made for civilians to wear are made of cloth, silk or other similar materials.

Silk Scarves As A Face Mask Alternative

When it comes to finding the most effective and protective fabrics to use as an alternative to a mask, tightly woven materials are the best, as they still allow you to breathe easily and are less likely to let droplets in or out. The CDC‘s latest recommendations suggest that silk scarves (due to the tightly woven fabric), are a great option, and to make a mask out of a silk scarf you have at home, all you would need is the scarf, two hair ties and if you want extra filtration; a coffee filter. Silk scarves are reusable, versatile and hand-washable, which makes them better for our precious environment too!

Are Silk Scarves Good For Your Skin?

As mentioned previously, silk scarves are multi-functional and are proven to be a great alternative to face masks and coverings while also looking trendy too. For it to be counted as a credible face covering, the fabric must have two layers. Then there is the fashion side of it: should you go with a plain, printed, designer scarf? The options are limitless. What is becoming significantly important, is the fabric you’re covering is made from.

If you have been wearing one for a long period of time in a day, you will be familiar with the feeling of dry skin that barely sees the light of day anymore. This is why choosing a silk scarf will be beneficial, not only for your safety and the safety of those around you, but for your facial skin too. Silk is hypoallergenic and retains very few germs due to the structure of its fibres and in return, is less irritating for your skin. Silk also won’t absorb your daily beauty creams or moisturisers, which means less dry skin (yay!).

How Do I Store My Silk Scarf?

Proper care and storage of your favourite silk scarves will help with the longevity of your scarf’s life. Silk itself is an investment that should be bought with a long-term relationship in mind. One of the best solutions for storing your favourite silk scarfs, and to avoid creases, is to hang them in a cool, dry place. Avoid hanging your pieces in direct sunlight as the silk could become damaged and fade in colour.

You can hang the scarves in your wardrobe to keep them clean and hidden away. Another great way to store a silk scarf would be in clear storage boxes (so you can still see them of course!).

Storing scarves in clear boxes will help keep the dust away, and give you a chance to show off your pieces even when you’re not wearing them. Folder nicely, you pieces won’t crease too much, but they will get typical fold lines. To smooth these out, use a steamer. You can store these clear boxes or trays anywhere around the room, on top of a dresser to keep them visible, or under a bed to tuck them away.

Our Top 7 Silk Scarves To Wear as A Face Mask

A light pink & white piece suitable as a daytime piece.

Light blue & gold with print, a gorgeous piece for any season!

A pink & green floral print perfect for summer, spring and almost any occasion!

Mint, white and Grey tartan piece which would be great for work, meetings, or any semi-formal outfit or occasion!

A gorgeous and fun leopard print scarf suitable for all occasions. This piece is very chic and will match almost every outfit.

A nautical-themed scarf of red, white and blue! This piece is super fun and would suit everyday use, especially with red, white or blue already incorporated in the outfit.

A chic scarf featuring black and white polka dots. This scarf can be worn any time and with any outfit, it is super diverse! Day or night, casual or glammed up.

Making Face Masks Fashionable With Silk Scarves

Scarves are ranking as one of the most in-demand accessories at the moment, and now you can understand why! They’re trendy and fashionable, reusable and ethical and better for your skin. I myself can testify to the comfort and benefits of wearing a silk scarf over a blue and white disposable one that I was wearing previously. The silk scarf was softer to touch, a LOT more comfortable, breathable and of course- fashionable! Being able to match a face covering to my everyday outfits is definitely a bonus. So go on! Give it a go! You won’t be disappointed.