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5 Trendy Headband Hairstyles

By October 16, 2021October 20th, 2021No Comments

New year, new headband? We think everyone should have at least one staple headband in their accessory collection. A headband can be your answer to everything! Bad hair day? Hide your roots with a headband. It is so easy to fix your bird’s nest morning hair with a cute headband.

If you’re late for work and your mane is a mess but you don’t have time to turn your straightener on and flatten everything out or you can’t locate that hair gel you thought you bought 6 years ago.

Literally just tie your hair back and put on a headband and your hairdo is transformed to an organised ‘I had time to get ready this morning’ look. So simple!

Pro tip: Headbands are a lifesaver if you’re running late for work

As well as this accessory is a lifesaver for those of you who woke up late for work, it is also something that can be worn in the same way but with many different hairstyles. There are various occasions a headband can be suitable for such as; a wedding, a birthday celebration, a night out, a daytime event, the races, a picnic, to work, university or just a casual coffee date.

The opportunities are endless and we are so here for it. We have been scouring the internet for our favourite hairstyles to go with headbands and we have collated a list of our top 5 favourite classic looks – perfect for the current trends in 2020.

Stay fun and fresh for the new year and show your friends and family how adventurous you are with your hair this year. We adore a courageous babe! Here at NailingThis we have a range of different coloured and patterned headbands available so feel free to check those out and try out the below hairstyles with your new purchase

Sleek Low Pony With Blue Headband

If you are feeling lazy and lacking creativity, a great way to intensify your look is with a low pony and headband. Slick your hair down and collect at the back for a low ponytail. Add your fav blue headband and you are bright, tidy and you’re ready to take on the day! You can even make the hairstyle just a little bit more extra by wearing a matching blue scrunchie instead of a basic hair tie. We love to see different variations of this look.

Messy Bun & Bangs With Gold Pearl Headscarf

This look is very chic and cute. It’s so achievable in a short time and all you need is your hair tie and a cute gold pearl headband. We love this style paired with a matte and contoured makeup look with big lashes.

Get that Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette out and get to work babe! To create this hairstyle, brush your hair out and grab it loosely to form a messy low bun. Put on your NailingThis Headband and pull out some bangs at the front. You can go the extra mile by giving them a wave with your ghd hair curler.

Slick Back Long Hair With Crystal Fairy Head Band

If you’re not a fan of an up-do but still want to rock your headband in different ways, this is another option for you. Comb through your hair and add a little volume with the product, we love the Toni & Guy Prep Volume Mousse. Comb your hair back from your hairline and put your headband on pushing back your hair from your face.

This will create a tidy look you’ll easily become obsessed with. You can definitely accomplish this look with short hair too, just add more styling gel or hair spray to keep your hair slicked back for longer!

Clueless 90’s Hair With Headband

Who loves Alicia Silverstone in the 90’s classic; Clueless? We sure do! If you’re looking for a throwback hairstyle then this is the one for you. It is simple to do and has that small point of difference that will make you stand out. We love this look on Bella Hadid (Pictured above) and so should you! To achieve this look you may need a dab of hair gel or hair spray.

Brush your hair and sleek down your roots so there are no-fly away’s. Pull your hair behind your ears and secure it with some hair gel or spray to add to the sleekness of the look. Put on your headband (A flatter headband will work better). With a tiny amount of gel on your hands, pull forward some sections from the back end of your hair to overlap the headband and secure as best you can, the further back your headband is placed the easier this will be. Voila, you’re instantly a 90’s babe!

Curly Bob With Headband

A bob haircut looks gorgeous with a wave or curls to it. For this look, we recommend curling your hair with a GHD curling tool or hair straighter and locking it down with some hairspray. If you want a more wavy look, comb through your curls with a wide-tooth comb. Put on your headband; we love the NailingThis Headband for this look. Make sure your bangs are out and your hair is fluffed up and voluminous. Match your outfit with your headband for extra flare.