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Silk Scarves

Creative Ways To Use A Silk Scarf That Don’t Include Wearing It

By October 9, 2021October 19th, 2021No Comments

How often is it that you look at a scarf and think “I can use that in my daily life rather than on me”? We are going to share with you 5 different ways you can use a silk scarf that doesn’t include wearing it. You won’t look at a silk scarf the same ever again. There are so many different versatile objects out there that you wouldn’t think to use for anything other than what they’re actually made for. We have searched the web far and wide and we have picked our brains and come up with a list of 5 ways you can utilise the versatility of this fabulous accessory.

To really think about how much you can get out of a silk scarf, you really have to see it as more than just a hair accessory. You have to look at it as just a simple piece of material. Think about how many uses a piece of material has… With this list we have taken into consideration the material/finish of scarf, the size and the pattern/colours on the scarves and these are the most creative ways you can use one!

We love it when people think outside of the box, the people that always look at an item and realise you can use it for anything else you want to use it for! There are no rules and there are many possibilities and it’s all about using your creative juices to come up with genius ways a product can be more functional in your life.


Before we show you our fav 5 ways to use a silk scarf, here is what not to use it for.

  • Do not use a silk scarf for anything damp or wet.
  • Do not use your silk scarf for food products.
  • Do not use your silk scarf with heat as it may burn/mark the material as it is more flammable than other materials. Be cautious.
  • Do not use your silk scarf as a connection to something valuable. Sometimes when you tie your scarf it may not be reliable enough as the fabric is quite soft and silky and the knot may possibly come undone.
  • Do not use your silk scarf to carry heavy objects as it may rip the material and cause damage.


This is a really creative way of decorating old books or journals.

It’s really easy and you can probably do it with almost any book you own. This works better with hardcover books that aren’t used often as it’s more of a decoration technique rather than a functional one! We are very excited to see how many of you try this one out at home, it’s unique, fun and bloody cute! We’ve tried it out on a diary and it’s awesome. Follow the steps below to wrap a book spine with a silk scarf:

  1. You will need a small square silk scarf – here we have used a leopard print silk scarf from our online scarf shop called The Wild Heart Scarf.
  2. Fold your silk scarf into a triangle on a flat surface.
  3. Start to roll the short point towards the flat edge until you’re left with the right thickness dependant on how thick the spine of your book is.
  4. Hold the centre of your rolled scarf to the middle of the spine.
  5. Tuck each end into the gap between the pages and the spine (this works best on hardcover books as there’s always a small gap.
  6. Adjust the positioning of the scarf so that it’s neat and flat and you’re done! Your book spine is wrapped with your fav silk scarf!


This is probably going to change the way you store your shoes.

Do you run out of room to store your footwear on your closet floor or on your shelves? This is a great solution for those of you who have too many shoes and are running out of space. We love this way of using the silk scarf and hopefully, this is a helpful tip for the shoe hoarders out there! Follow the steps below to hang your shoes from your wardrobe clothing rack:

  1. Grab a square silk scarf – once again, The Wild Scarf saves the day!
  2. Fold into a square or triangle depending on how long or short you want your scarf to hang.
  3. Roll up into a thin rectangle.
  4. Thread through your shoes (works best for open-toed shoes) and connect back at the rail to tie and secure.
  5. You’re done! But there’s always room for improvement… play around with the placement and the way you’re tying your shoes so that you can get the most out of the space you have to hang them!


Let’s be real, you can probably twist your scarf around anything really but hey, it’s pretty cute though right? We love this way of redecorating an old candleholder!

Reinventing your ornaments is a great way of changing up the style in a room. Combing your candle holders with your scarves can make for a quick and easy remodel you didn’t know you needed! Follow the steps below to decorate your candle holder with a scarf:

  1. Fold your scarf in half on a flat surface.
  2. Fold up your scarf from the shirt point to the flat edge to make a thin strip.
  3. Start to twist your scarf around your candle holder and tie at the front or back (whichever way you like!).
  4. Use this technique for other miscellaneous items around the house too. You can add a silk scarf to so many things.


How handy are those cotton pouches products arrive in sometimes? The ones with the drawstring that you use for storing your lip balms in or your skincare!

Well, we love a handy fabric pouch. They’re so useful, you can literally use them for anything, we love to keep our skincare items in them on a trip to the beach or our toothbrush and toothpaste on an overnight trip. If you’re like us and find them super convenient than you’ll probably find this tip super functional. This way of using your silk scarf to carry items or keep them separate in a bag is going to come in handy for sure! Especially if you love to keep everything organised, then this is for you. See steps below on how to turn your scarf into a carry pouch:

  1. Lay your scarf upside down on a flat surface.
  2. Place the items you want to be enclosed in the centre of the scarf.
  3. Take two opposite ends and bring to the middle to tie (double knot).
  4. Take the remaining two ends and bring to the centre to tie (double knot).
  5. Tighten the knot and you’ve got yourself a little carry pouch!


Doorknobs killing your vibe? Not anymore! Use your fav silk scarves to liven up your doorknobs and impress your guests.

You’ll get the most doorknob compliments you’ve ever had! All jokes aside, we actually adore this little decoration as it gives a super cute look to something that it’s so bland and plain. See steps below on how to decorate your doorknob with a silk scarf:

  1. Lay your scarf flat and roll up from one point to the opposite point.
  2. Wrap around your doorknob once.
  3. Tie the scarf into a bow or leave the points hanging for a simpler look!

And there you have it, those are five different ways to use a silk scarf other than wearing it. It feels great to think outside the box and we encourage you guys to unlock your silk scarves potential. Get creative and impress yourself with your ingenuity you smart cookie!

If you feel like you don’t need to go the extra mile and you just want to wear your silk scarf how it’s meant to be worn then fair enough. Check out our blog post on 5 ways to wear a scarf in your hair. We also explain how to tie a square silk scarf around your neck for those of you who have trouble folding your scarf! And if you want to know how to spruce up your handbag, we show you the best ways to dress up your handbag with a silk scarf.

Remember to always take good care of your scarf when using it for anything other than a fashion accessory. If you want to know how to clean your scarf and store it correctly, check out our blog post on ‘How To Hand Wash A Silk Scarf: A Guide To Caring For and Cleaning Your Silk Scarf’