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Scrunchies To Wear At The Beach

By December 8, 2021May 16th, 2022No Comments

Summer is finally on her way. It is time to get out of your houses and head to the beach. As Christmas draws near, we are all pulling out our summer wardrobe, digging out our togs from the bottom draw, stocking up on sunscreen and planning our favorite picnic meals. When it comes to planning a day at the beach, there are many accessories you need to remember to take with you, like your towel, hat, shades, sandals, umbrella, as well as all of your picnic bags and personal belongings. Sometimes, it is too much to carry and easy to forget just one thing off your long list. We all know to protect our skin and eyes from the sun. But what about protecting our hair from being tangled by the sea? When it comes to hitting the water and jumping in the waves, we often forget our hair. There are many different ways you can protect your hair when swimming.

For example, by not brushing your hair out right away and letting it dry first. When your hair is wet, it is much more vulnerable to damage and can break when you’re brushing it. Another way to protect your hair is to gently pat it with a microfiber cloth instead of ruffling it up with a coarse towel. The texture and dryness of the fabric can also damage your hair. But the easiest way to protect your hair is to tie it up when swimming. When you swim with your hair out, it can easily become knotted. And by the time we are strutting out of the water, it’s knotted like a birds nest.

Beach Scrunchies Protect Your Hair

So, tying it up protects it from damaging knots. If you have extra-long hair, it might be a good idea to braid it. A braid will protect your long hair from any knotting at all as your hair will not be loose and susceptible to getting tangled but bound together in a braid. With shorter hair, you can tie it back or clip it back with waterproof clips, a swim cap or a headband. But what is the best accessory you can wear in your hair when riding the waves?

Something that can handle the sea and won’t end in an hour of brushing out those pesky notes? The most commonly used item is a simple elastic hair tie. The hair tie is easy to use, cheap to buy, effective and gets the job done. But if you find your hair tangled around her hair tie after a swim, or you can’t find your hair tie because you have lost it for the hundredth time or if you’re looking for a more stylish hairdo for your day at the beach. You might be wondering if there is a better solution for you? You could consider trying out the fashionable and colourful scrunchy. But can you wear a scrunchy in the ocean?

Can You Wear a Scrunchy in the Ocean?

When it comes to tying up your mane and rocking a ponytail or a bun in the ocean, you could go for something large, stylish and durable, like a scrunchy. The first question we need to answer is, what is the best fabric to use when it comes to getting your scrunchy salty and wet? Though silk is the best scrunchy fabric because it keeps your hair hydrated and encourages less brittle and more robust and healthy hair. It’s not the best idea to wear silk scrunchies on a hot, sweaty day or when you’re swimming in the sea. Water and silk do not mix well because silk repels water. Have you ever worn a silk skirt on a hot and sweaty day?

Ever noticed how the fabric puckers and ripples? Not to mention how after it has dried, it becomes rough. By all accounts, the best fabric for a hot sunny day on the beach is cotton. Cotton and hot weather go great together. The material is breathable, light and absorbs all your sweat which lets the heat escape from your skin to stay cool in the sun. But the problem with cotton when it comes time to take a dive underwater is that it can hold onto a lot of liquid. You might find yourself holding up a heavy head or losing your scrunchies in the sea when it pulls out of shape and slips off. So, make sure to rock a cotton scarf or sarong to keep yourself cool and stylish but avoid diving into the water whilst wearing them.

Can I Swim With A Scrunchy?

The next question to ask is, can you swim with a scrunchy? Firstly we need to know if you get your scrunchies wet? Yes, they can. You can wash them in the washing machine when they get smelly, run around in the rain while wearing them or wash your hands while they are tied around your wrist. When it comes to your regular scrunchy, it’s not recommended to get your scrunchy submerged in water for an extended period. But what if your scrunchy is made of waterproof material? The best material you can use to swim in is the same fabric as your swimsuits, a polyester and elastane blend. This fabric is stretchy, durable against salty water, has excellent longevity and is the easiest to dry out. All things that are essential when using a scrunchy while spending the day at the beach. You can also purchase a towel scrunchy made from the same material as the towel you dry your hair with after a swim. Chuck it on after you have swum, and it will absorb the water in your hair as you wear it.

So when you head to the beach this summer, remember to tie back your hair before swimming, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet, try out a waterproof scrunchy and a towel scrunchy and enjoy your summer with a splash of style and healthy hair.