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Scrunchies to wear at any wedding

By February 10, 2022No Comments

It’s the big day of your friends or family members wedding, you have your outfit all ready to go, but then you have another dilemma, what do you do with your hair? What if it’s windy out, and your hair becomes an updo all on its own. Or it rains, and your updo becomes a down do, and all that volume is lost. Or worse, it all falls apart on the dance floor when you have had one too many drinks. Take it from someone who has very little thin hair. Making sure your hairstyle looks good from the beginning of the celebration to the end is no easy job. So, what is the most gorgeous and yet practical hairstyle for a wedding? Everyone has a different hairstyle that suits them the most, their personal favourite. It is flattering to their face shape, works with their hair type, and makes them feel like a million bucks. Mine is a high top bun. Some people like it loose and flowing, so rock bangs and others like it clean and tight. The best hairstyle for a wedding is your favourite hairstyle. Whatever you feel comfortable in and makes you smile when you see the wedding pictures the next day. But you’re going to a wedding, it’s not just another night out or dinner with your friends. You want to spice up your hairstyle and add an extra level of class for the big day. A great way to do that is to add hair accessories.  Whatever adds and works with your hairstyle. Clips, hairpin comb, barrettes, headbands, pins, ribbons and scrunchies. A scrunchy is an excellent way to tame that mane while looking stunning for the service.

Scrunchy looks for Bridesmaids.

It can be a difficult choice when choosing the outfits for your bridesmaids. There are many horror stories, negative stigmas and bad rep given to braids maids outfits. The movie ’27 Dresses’ has plenty of horrific examples. The dresses can be unflattering because not every woman’s body is built the same way, and sometimes the material is straight-up ugly. But picking the best dresses isn’t the only stressful decision you need to make. As if you didn’t have enough to do already, you also need to ask yourself how the bridesmaids will style their hair? And what is the best hairstyle for your bridesmaids? As well as their matching dresses, bridesmaids can also have matching hair do’s. Weddings can be busy, messy, make you tipsy and stressed. The perfect concoction for a bad hair day, and the last thing any bridesmaid wants is a bad hair day. So, perhaps the best hairstyle to go with is tied up. It’s simple yet allegiant, clean, and won’t make a mess of your head. Scrunchies can be used to decorate these ponytails or buns. And you can find scrunchies to match whatever bridesmaid dress you choose. Scrunchies are also a gift idea for your bridesmaids. They can be party favours for the bachelorette party. All of your girlfriends can walk away with a matching practical gift that can be used in daily life whilst also reminding them of your big day.

Scrunchy looks for Groomsmen.

Now let’s not leave out the men from this scrunchy conversation. Men with long locks can face the same bad hair day dilemmas as braids maids. And when long hair is in fashion, you might find yourself with an entire party of groomsmen, all with the same stylish waves. And no matter what coloured suit your groomsmen are wearing, you can make it work. A slick black silk scrunchy to match the classic black suit or a white cotton scrunchy to go with the stylish white suit or even a tartan fabric scrunchy if your groomsmen are wearing kilts to your wedding. Whatever the dress code your boys are in, they can be just as stylish and classy as the braids maids they are standing across from.

Scrunchy looks for Grooms.

And we can not leave out the man of the hour. It is just as important that our groom looks his best for his special day as everyone else. Groomsmen often get overlooked by their beautiful brides, who take all the attention with their white dresses and veils.

But why shouldn’t the groom have a cool hairstyle for his wedding? Men’s scrunchies are available in many colours, shapes and sizes. Be it a way of adding some colour to that very black suit or keeping those locks out of the way when ‘you may now kiss the bride’ is finally said.

Scrunchy looks for Brides.

Scrunchies can even be worn by the bride. If you’re going for a high or low bun for your wedding day, why not wear a scrunchy with it? Scrunchies are typically associated with children, bright colours or a lazy bun when your having a day at home. But you can purchase very beautiful and delicate scrunchies that look as graceful as your wedding dress. You can buy lace scrunchies, tulle scrunchies, silk or crochet scrunchies and even scrunchies with giant bows on them. You can even use your scrunchies to hold your train and vail in place or attach them together for even more security. The most beautiful scrunchy is a tulle scrunchy with pearls attached. This can be worn after the service when the train and veil have been removed. And it is time to get your boggy on. This mini veil gives the subtle appearance of a full veil without getting in the way. Another type of scrunchy suitable for the bride is beaded scrunchies. Scrunchies that aren’t made of fabric but beads or purls. They can be put around your bun and double as a bracelet. They can match your jewelry and dress and add another layer of allegiance to your final wedding look.

It is a good idea to plan ahead and avoid a bad hair day for your wedding if you’re the groom, bride or just a guest. Keep it simple but also keep it stylish, rap a scrunchy around it and have a fantastic day.