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5 Scrunchie Hairstyles To Wear At Work

By October 16, 2021May 16th, 2022No Comments

When it comes to our job and the workplace, it is often required to dress professionally which means looking put-together at all times.

One of our most asked questions at NailingThis is ‘Can I wear a scrunchie to work?’. The answer is yes, here’s how.

This can be relatively easy when picking out your daily outfits, but your hair is a completely different story!

Whether you work in a conservative office, in a creative workplace, have long hair, short hair, curly hair or straight hair, scrunchies have the ability to really tie an outfit together and are better for your hair than hair ties.

Scrunchies can add a pop of color and give you the chance to create some easy & effortless hair masterpieces! If you are wondering how scrunchies can elevate your basic everyday work hairstyles, you are in the right place!

Here are five tips on how to creatively incorporate cute scrunchies into your daily work attire.

A Top Knot Bun With A Scrunchie

Scrunchies can add a pop of color to an ordinary top knot and everybody loves a top-knot, whether it is messy or neat! They are simple, timeless, and easy. Adding an accessory to a top-knot bun will help transform an everyday bun into a beautiful piece of art! It also puts the scrunchie in the spotlight-front and center for everyone to see. Adding a scrunchie to a top-knot bun can also help control and contain fly-away strands of hair making a bun look tidy, formal, and presentable.

Here’s how to use a scrunchie to make a bun:

– Simply comb all of your hair up to the top of your head and tie your hair up how you normally would into a high bun.
– Tame it a little with some hairspray.
– Place the scrunchie around the hair tie to complete the look.

A Sleek High Pony With A Scrunchie

A high ponytail accessorized with a scrunchie will not only bring a statement element to your outfit but will draw the eyes upwards and bring attention to your face. Having your hair in a sleek up-do will really show off any hair accessory, and what’s even more fun, is you can match the scrunchie to your makeup or more specifically, to your lipstick!

This is a fun way to think about incorporating a scrunchie into your work outfit while still looking semi-formal and ready to work. A sleek ponytail gives you the perfect chance to whip out funky patterns and designs, like animal print and silk scrunchies as an example!

Here’s how to achieve a sleek high pony with a scrunchie:

-Simply comb your hair towards the top of your head and tie it together using a hair tie. (Using a hair tie first will help achieve the ‘sleek’ look while also helping keep the hair in place too!)
– Place the scrunchie over the top to complete the look

Kardashian Styled Low Bun With A Scrunchie

A low bun is a classic hairstyle that will suit almost anyone! A sleek low-bun has been brought back into fashion by the Kardashians, and you will almost always see one of the powerhouse sisters sporting one! A sleek low-bun is simple, elegant, and really quick, and easy to achieve. Adding a scrunchie to a low bun will dress it up a little without being the center of attention. This styling technique is great for a more formal workplace- scrunchies to use are classic & plain scrunchies made of velvet, silk, or cotton. A Black silk scrunchie would look great with that fav black blazer!

Here’s how to achieve a Kardashian-styled low bun with a scrunchie:

– A great tip to start creating a sleek bun is to spray your hairbrush with hair spray. This will help tame flyaways and add shine.
– Brush your hair into a low ponytail and tie it up using a hair tie to keep the look tight.
– Add your chosen scrunchie over top of the hair tie to finish the look.

We recommend a scrunchie that compliments your work outfit of the day. For example, if you are wearing a checkered or dogtooth blazer, opt for a matching patterned scrunchie, or a plain colored scrunchie would work too, for example, a black or white scrunchie.

Low Pony With A Scrunchie

Low ponytails are probably the fastest and easiest way to style your hair for work and are perfect for those with short/medium-length hair. Why not spruce it up with a scrunchie! If you are low on time and want a quick tidy work look, opt for a slick low ponytail and add a colorful scrunchie. What’s fun about styling a low pony, is you can add either a regular scrunchie, or you could opt for a scrunchie scarf that has two tails that hang down with the hair from your ponytail leaving you looking sophisticated but will also show off some personality too. Don’t know how to wear a scrunchie scarf? We’ve got you!

Here’s how to wear a scrunchie with short hair and achieve a sleek low pony:

As with the sleek low-bun, comb your hair towards the back of your head and tie it low. If you have thick hair, use a hair tie first.
Add the scrunchie or scrunchie-scarf to finish the look.

Braid With A Scrunchie

For a slightly more casual approach to a work look, I would recommend an accessorized hair braid. Instead of opting for a headband, a scrunchie can be used at the end of a braid in place of a hair tie or over top of one. When using a scrunchie for a braid, the scrunchie will become the primary focus of your hairstyle, so using an attractive or eye-catching color or design is a great idea when creating a look using a braid.

How to wear a scrunchie with a braid:

– Braid your hair together at the back of your head or to the side if you like your braid to fall over your shoulder.
– Finish the braid with either just a scrunchie or a hair tie and then scrunchie over top.

Choosing A Scrunchie That Reflects Your Personality

Experimenting with prints and patterns is a really fun way to express your personal style and get creative. Modern scrunchies now come in a variety of colors, textures, and prints making it easier for you to find suitable scrunchies for particular outfits and looks. When looking for scrunchies to wear with your work attire, we would steer clear of neon colors. It is nice to have accessories that stand out, but neon colors might be too distracting in the workplace.

Are scrunchies in style for 2020? Yes, Scrunchies have really made a comeback from the 1990s and are here to stay. They are a precise mix of nostalgia and novelty for some people and can be worn by absolutely anyone, anywhere, anytime, so treat yourself and show off your unique style by adding scrunchies to your everyday looks today. Other favorable accessories that are trendy in 2020 are headbands, so if you aren’t the scrunchie type, get your hands on a cute headband instead!