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5 Reasons Scrunchies Are Better Than Hair Ties

By October 14, 2021May 16th, 2022No Comments

Hair ties are slowly seeping away out of fashion and scrunchies are making an ultimate come back. Scrunchies are perfect for any hair type whether is long hair, short hair, fine hair or thick hair. A scrunchie can be your best friend for so many reasons and we want to share why! If you have never tried using a scrunchie to tie your hair before, we highly recommend at least giving it a go. You might fall in love and become a hoarder! There are patterns and colours out there for everyone and for every occasion. You can rock one in any setting, it’s an extremely versatile accessory to own. We want to convert all those hair tie users out there to scrunchie obsessors and here are 5 reasons why.

Scrunchies Do Not Damage Your Hair

Everyone who has ever worn a hair tie knows the pain of pulling that bad boy out along with a chunk of stray and a kink left in your luscious hair. Hair ties can do so much damage to your hair and over time that’s not a good look. If you have been wanting to rid your life of hair ties but just don’t know what to use instead then a scrunchie is the answer! Scrunchies have less tension than a hair tie but can grab x3 times the amount of hair. They don’t leave a dent in your hair and are super gentle. Why don’t scrunchies damage your hair? A scrunchie is made using an elastic band concealed in fabric tubing, adding a layer between the elastic and your hair. This is the main reason why you get less hair damage when using one. Most hair damage is done during the time your hair is wet or damp, so always wait until your hair is completely dry before styling in general. When tying your hair with scrunchies there is more to it than just picking any. For fine or short hair, the best option would be to use a smaller scrunchie as there’s better grip and this will hold your hairstyle for longer and it will be more stable. For thick or long hair, a larger puffier scrunchie will do the trick! A large one is great for gathering considerable amounts of hair and can even secure a pony well enough for a whole day without adjusting.

Scrunchies Are More Accessible Than Hair Ties

You’re lying if you say you don’t see a scrunchie in almost every fashion/clothing store nowadays. Scrunchies are everywhere and we are so into it! They are becoming more and more popular and partly one of the reasons is because, well yes they are cute, but also they are so accessible. Pop into your local accessory or clothing shop and there will at least be a few options for you. You can also buy online, our NailingThis online store have a range of beautiful scrunchies to suit any style. The fact that it’s harder to find hair ties these days is most likely to be because of returning trends from the ’80s and new tie accessories in rotation that are healthier for your hair and better for the environment. Just think about how many hair ties you may lose and repurchase in a whole year versus how many scrunchies you would misplace. The evidence is in the fact that you probably have 2 hair ties currently left from that pack of 30 you bought 3 months ago yet you still have that black silk scrunchie you bought a year ago that never fails you! If you store your scrunchies right, they can last for years!

Scrunchies Are Timeless

Where did scrunchies originate from? Well, a man named Philips E. Meyers invented the idea of a scrunchie all the way back in 1963 but it didn’t take off in the ’60s. The trend laid dormant until Rommy Revson the singer and pianist was searching for a less damaging way of styling her hair rather than using abrasive hair ties. She created the scrunchie and in 1987 it was patented. For this particular hair accessory, the late ’80s & ’90s was its prime time to be alive and it was a very short time too. Although it was a widely received accessory by women everywhere and by many celebrities in film and television, it was until about the early 2000’s the trend was fading away. After lying dormant for a decade or so, around 2015 – 2017 Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian brought it back to life and now being in 2020, we can safely say the scrunchie is here to stay, at least for another decade anyway… A simple black scrunchie can be styled with any look and even though they are made to be worn in your hair, wearing scrunchies on your wrist is apparently a trend too. In 2019 Jason Mamoa made a fashion statement by wearing a scrunchie, it is safe to assume, we have not seen the end of the scrunchie!

Scrunchies Can Be Worn With Any Hairstyle

There are thousands of scrunchie options out there and even if you have a very particular style there’s certainly a scrunchie with your name on it too. You can find boho, monochrome, bright, patterned and simple Scrunchies for any hair type or style. Our favourite way to wear a Scrunchie is in a messy top bun but here are 5 ways you can wear your Scrunchie in your hair:

Messy Bun: Roughly gather your hair to the top of your head and leave out your bangs or a few stray pieces of hair at the front of your face. Secure with a large or medium size Scrunchie and tweak how messy you want the bun to look!

Braid: Plait your hair to the side and use a small or mini Scrunchie to tie your plait, to add volume to your braid, puff out the edges once secured for that Rapunzel look.

High Ponytail: With your hairbrush, creating a sleek and clean high pony, use your fav Scrunchie to secure the pony. This style will never leave a kink in your hair either!

Half Up Half Down: You can either tie half your hair in a pony or a bun but start this style by running your fingers around your head to separate a section for your top knot or pony. Use your Scrunchie to tie and finish the look!

Messy Low Pony: We love this look for the lazy girl in us! Gather your hair at the lower back of your head and wrap your Scrunchie around twice. Puff out the look to make it look a bit more effortlessly pretty and you’re done!

You Can Match Your Scrunchie To Your Outfit

Here’s how you can colour coordinate your scrunchie with your outfit whether it be for work, uni, lunch date or an evening out:

When colour coordinating it’s always best to match your hair accessory to an item on the lower half of your body. You want your Scrunchie to either match your skirt/shorts/pants or your shoes. This way your top creates a break in the outfit and evens out your whole look.

When in doubt, wear white or black and add one colour for flare! If you’re finding it difficult to get the hang of colour coordination then try starting with a mini chrome or full black outfit and add in a blue Scrunchie. You can get more creative and then start to add in a blue belt or blue pants. It’s all about trial and error and finding combinations that you feel great in.

Don’t mix patterns or more than two colours! This is definitely personal preference so it’s up to you and what you love but usually, a rule to go by is to not mix a floral with a polka dot or a stripe with a tie-dye. Get the gist? If you’re going to use a pattern in your outfit stick to just one. Work with that item as your centrepiece and add neutrals or calm textures with it, for example, gingham black and white pants complemented with a black Scrunchie and oversized cream knit jumper. You can definitely match your Scrunchie pattern to your outfit or even use the Scrunchie as the statement piece!

We really think scrunchies are the answer to our hair damage prayers and we can’t wait to see how the trend will evolve. We now see so many styles and fabrics out there for scrunchies and we even have Scarf-Scrunchies now! You can browse our Scarf-Scrunchies on our website, we have gorgeous colours and patterns! NailingThis is most known for Silk Scarves so if you haven’t hopped on that trend then it’s worth having a peek at our Scarf collection. In our Blog, we also explain how to care for your silk scarf, how to style it in your hair, around your neck and on your handbag.