blue lips and blue nails

Makeup and nail polish is a powerful weapon as far as women beauty and fashion is concerned. When choosing the color of makeup or nail polish it is vital to consider the color of your hair or wig. Blue color more precisely the royal blue can be used as makeup for almost all the color types. Blue makeup brings out impressive and fascinating appearances on women of light and dark complexion. The beauty can be made complete when blue is used on nails.

Blue makeup complements blue eyes than any other color. Blue makeup also works well in entirely all face shapes i.e. oval, square, round, heart-shaped, oblong and diamond-shaped faces. It brings out stunning results when matched well with blue nail polish to given an oceanic impression and undoubted beauty. More importantly blue makeup complimented with blue on nails is ideal for basically all occasions say wedding, dinner or even official gathering as it is presentable and very unique.

Here’s a beautiful blue eyeshadow tutorial.

The worst mistake a woman can do is to use the same makeup techniques she used as a teenager and use them when older. Older women prefer black make that can perfectly be substituted with blue makeup .Thus blue is the new black in fashion trends. The blue makeup can be perfectly backup up with royal blue on nails enhanced with a little gold shimmer making an eye catching combination. Blue is ideal for blondes, redheads and even brunettes with any hair color.

Blue artistic make-upAsian women are also served well with blue makeup as it brings out a fabulous contract of their dark eyes color. When a little ice blue shadow is used underneath the eye, there are remarkable results as the eyes appear flashy and smoky altogether. If the eyelids tend to hood a bit at the outer corners, the eyeliner shape is more flattering than a linear cat eye when blue makeup is used. Blue works out perfectly well on the nails when backed up with blue makeup on an Asian woman.

Depending on how the eye shadow is blended blue color makeup can actually fake the real size of your eyes depending on how you wish your eyes to appear. If you want your eyes to look bigger it is advised that you blend the blue eye shadow with white. This is by rimming the bottom waterline with white eyeliner and the eyelids blue to make the eyes look somehow bigger than usual. Likewise a layer of royal blue and silver eye shadow over black cream shadow brings out a dramatic look of the eyes for amazing fashionable appearance.

blue nail art

Blue nails polish works well for entirely all nails shapes unlike other colors such as red that only work well for long curvy nails.

Women who find it hard to maintain long nails have an option of using blue on the nails as it also works well on short nails making them look clean and flashy. Blue also works amazingly well on long curvy nails to bring out an oceanic appearance. The blue color on nails can be used by all complexions for amazing results.

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