Both Recumbent Trikes and Regular Trikes exhibit the advantages of a three-wheeled vehicle. A tricycle is safer to ride than a bicycle with its stability and reliability. You are secured even on wet and rugged streets. Trikes are highly versatile and can be used whether for exercise, transport, relaxation, or recreation.

Your trike is fated to become one of your favorite things which will stick with you for many years. The main decision lies in getting a recumbent trike or regular trike:

Regular Trike


  • Comfort: You take it slow, without ever having to worry about balancing yourself on top of the padded saddle. It arrives in various styles where you can find the most suitable form that fits your body. A trike has less impact on the back and hips and is less likely to bring pain and aches.
  • Convenience: Easy to assemble, mount, unmount, maintain, and ride anytime you wish. Three wheels can carry a heavier load, along with your belongings with the typical cargo basket built in most regular trikes.
  • Experience: Taking a stroll becomes extremely pleasurable as you cruise around town. The collapsible basket makes chores fairly easier and enjoyable. You can call this trike your very own, that even your loyal dog will love!
  • Theft: In line with being bigger and heavier, it would be a lot more difficult to steal and drive this away from you without being noticed.
  • Safety: There are no skills required in riding a tricycle, and anyone can mount it with almost no risk of falling or acquiring injuries. The upright form resembles a bicycle, only it has 3 wheels instead of 2. You’re less vulnerable on the road since it’s bigger and bulkier than thin standard bikes. However, being high above the ground poses a higher risk of impact from injury compared to low recumbents.

Recumbent Trikes

recumbent trike

  • Comfort: Recumbent trikes are built with your utmost comfort in mind, with the reclined position putting less pressure on all body parts. This is one of the reasons of the rise of the recumbent trikes, given today’s times where people have come to appreciate their bodies more, wanting to get only the highest quality in this life.
  • Convenience: Enjoy cycling for hours on end without losing focus due to having to maintain balance. The trike’s seat can be quickly set high or low, whichever suits you best, and can double as a handy chair while eating your snacks during stopovers while on a road trip.
  • Experience: On a recumbent, you view the world from an entirely new perspective since you are in a reclined position and can fully focus on the road, where you will marvel at everything you have never seen before.
  • Theft: This type of trike has a higher security against being stolen because the robber may not even know how to ride one.
  • Safety: Your weight will be mostly directly over the rear wheel or wheels which empowers you over the trike, enable you to fully extend your legs, and immediately brake whenever it is needed. Exit and entry in traffic and visibility from other cars tend to worry cyclists. However, most seats can be easily adjusted according to your preference. Also, riding in one actually makes you very prominent on the road.

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