Nails on fingers are like hair on a head, they are considered as the crowning jewels of the female body. They are called as such since these parts, if given special care and regard could spell beauty and elegance for the bearer.

Just like hair, nails can be trimmed, styled, and colored. As a matter of fact, nail art design is a booming business in the world nowadays. Women invest more in cleaning and decorating their nails, more than they were before. The designs created each day add to the thick portfolio of stunning artistry for the nails and continue to provide confidence and style to the women of today.

The nail art designs are not only categorized by the colors painted on them or the accessories glued, they are also styles grouped based on how the nails are contoured or shaped. Check out the best shapes known to the world today.


The Oval Nail Shape tops the list of everyone’s favorite nail form. The contour is a combination of round, square and almond shapes.

Oval nail shapes are often seen in runways because aside from its elegant aura, the feminine oval curvature is more extreme that it lengthens nails with its fine looking tips and makes fingers look slender.

Moreover, oval nail shapes are least prone to breaking and easiest to maintain. This type of nail outline is perfect for women who lead a very busy lifestyle. This shape is best for wide beds and long lengthened nails. Whereas, it suits every classic nail art designs.

How to Do It:
1. Using a sharp scissors or nail cutter, form your nails into an egg shape.
2. Smoothen the tips with nail file.


If you’re a modern woman and opt for audacious, edgy and pulsating colors, then the Square Nail Shape is an excellent type for you. This nail outline will give you an on-trend look, as well as it will just blend with every decal, leaving you youthful and free-spirited!

The square nail shape is pretty ideal for those who have long narrow nail beds. However, this nail form is not for everyone. If you have wide nail beds, this shape can make your nails look stubby.

Furthermore, these straight edges won’t require much effort in keeping it shaped at all times and a convenient preference for low-maintenance ladies.

How to Do It:
1. Trim your nails to the preferred length.
2. File the top part lightly in one direction.
3. Softened evenly the edges to eliminate snags.


Squoval Nail Shape is a union of square and oval nails that looks stunning on anyone. This nail shape has smoothened corners for the best of both worlds. According to nail experts, this type of nail outline is the most modern flattering choice on all hand shapes and sizes. Moreover, it will keep you being in-style and a great canvas to show off artistic nail designs.

Additionally, squoval nail shape is best for manicure minimalists. With this form, you can easily uphold much longer nail length.

How to Do It:
1. Place a mark on the center top of your nail.
2. File the nail at an angle directed to the marked spot.
3. Trim the tip in a linear manner.
4. Smoothen the edges to remove roughness.


The Round Nail Shape is one of the typical forms of nail shapes, which is ideal for short nails. This old-fashioned nail outline is classic, simple and neat. In fact, it never goes out of style.

Round nails are definitely durable and don’t require much time, effort in filing and salon visits. It’s the easiest to maintain even at your own home. Likewise, with this shape, wide nail beds may look thinner and stubby fingers seemed elongated. It is undeniably perfect for anybody who puts their fingers to work.

How to Do It:
1. Trim the sides lightly into straight form.
2. File the edges into curve.
3. You may also follow the natural shape of the fingertip.


If there’s a phrase that would describe this next featured nail shape, it would be “the sharper, the better”. Stilleto Nail Shape is a dive nail outline that creates so much drama in your fingers and certainly catches everyone’s attention. It is often seen with some tasteful and daring designs.

On the other hand, stiletto shape on nails is one of the most intricate forms to execute. Unfortunately, this pointy tapered nail shape is not for every woman. This shape is not resilient enough to last for a week without proper care and regular filing.

Stiletto nail shape is best for long nails. Also, it lengthens short fingers.

How to Do It:
1. Start clipping your nails into square shape.
2. Trim the uppermost part diagonally of the two sides, forming a triangle.
3. File the curving sides to get a softened triangle form.


Coffin Nail Shape, also known as Ballerina form, is comparable to stiletto except for the square off tip – which greatly resembles the shape of a casket. While this more conical square shape can be done with average to long nails, it’s much easier to contour on extremely lengthy nails. This renowned nail shape is best for those who have narrow nail bed.

The coffin nail shape is a personal choice of the very famous Kylie Jenner whom made the nail outline even more popular. She’s been rocking the nail shape since 2015, and became the talk of the town after sharing it to her social media followers.

Coffin nails are greatly paired with matte polish and crystals. If you want to feel unconventionally sexy, then this shape suits you.

How to Do It:
1. Cut your nails into a basic square shape.
2. File both sides equally at a slight angle.
3. Once you achieve a symmetrical shape, file the corners lightly until they look square and sharp.


The Almond Nail Shape is the archetype of glam and girly. This nail outline is celebrated for its womanly look and delicacy.

Nonetheless, almond form is best for lengthening and slenderizing fingers. If you already have those characteristics, then take pleasure in the best of both worlds!

Also, almond shaped nail is perfect for neutral polishes and metallic decals.

How to Do It:
1. Push back the cuticles of your nails.
2. Basing at the curve on the bottom of you nails, imitate the identical shape at the tip.

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