Bangs as a hair trend comes and goes. Not only that – specific hair fringe styles emerge to get trendy almost every year. Bangs have so many varieties. So, it doesn’t really disappear for a long time. Specifically, eye-length bangs are returning in 2017 as in-demand hairstyles for female celebrities. Once celebrities start a trend, the public usually follows.


The Development of Fringe Styles

Ever since the era of silent movies, bangs are already worn by actresses. Louise Brooks was known to wear thick, straight bangs accompanied by her iconic hair bob. Since then, hair fringe goes in and out of fashion with different styles. During the 1980s, unruly, teased bangs were trendy. As years go by, longer bangs are considered to be modern-looking.

Why Eye-Length Bangs?

Last year, throwback hairstyles were fashionable. To be more specific, bobs were back in 2016. Bolder short haircuts were preferred by many women. For 2017, however, it is all about subtle changes. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin explained to Refinery29 that preserving the original hair length is the priority this time. Instead, eye-length bangs are going to provide some style into the hair.

Long hair fringe is perfect for women who are not into bold hairstyles. Eye-length fringe can be swept sideways. It can also be pinned back. It is also versatile in either straight or messy cut. Just make sure to wear bangs just above the eyes a little bit. Longer strands can be worn on the side.


Side-Swept vs. Straight

Side-swept bangs can match almost every face shape. It also goes well with either updos or loose hair. On the other hand, straight bangs go for a hint of vintage look. They go perfectly with long face shapes. This hair fringe style, however, needs a shinier hair. It easily gets messy to look at.

Tips for Different Face Shapes


  • Oval: This is the most flexible shape for any hair fringe style. Pursue the look you always wanted!
  • Long: Thick bangs across the eyebrows are good for long faces. They will give an illusion that the face is oval, not long.
  • Round: Leave longer and thicker strands near the cheeks. This will provide contour for round faces.
  • Square: Side-swept bangs in both sides are perfect for this face shape. They make jawlines appear softer.
  • Heart: A heart-shaped face has a little bit of a wide forehead and prominent chin. Side-swept bangs in a single direction provides balance. Thick, straight bangs are also perfect for this shape. The forehead is hidden while the strong chin is exposed.
  • Diamond: Layered full-length bangs make a diamond face shape into an oval one. The chin is emphasized while the forehead is concealed.

Final Thoughts

Following hair trends is fun. Women get to come out of their comfort zones. They can experiment hairstyles they never tried before. However, one thing about wearing bangs is the risk of looking awkward. Some hair fringe styles are just not perfect for some face shapes. That is why it is important to remember the fringe styling tips for various face shapes before going to the hair salon.

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